San Francisco Museums

San Francisco museums and galleries provide for a wide range preferences, but I do encourage you to also take in the city by simply strolling about and seeing what you find.

SFMOMA (San Francisco Museum of Modern Art)

Probably the most famous and my personal favorite. As a student of San Francisco Art Institute, I heard much criticism of the place being non-inclusive or conservative in it's selections etc., but I went on a number of occasions and found much of their permanent collections along with the temporary ones that were often of top-notch renowned contemporary artists, to be fantastic. It's located downtown and has both a restaurant downstairs next to the entrance and a cafe that also serves some light food on the top floor with an outdoor verandah. Expensive coffee as I recall, but a nice place for a drink.

De Young Museum

I never much liked the De Young. It tended to be crowded and feel more like a tourist attraction than anything else. This is a major attraction and much visited of the San Francisco museums, but I find it hard to recommend it. The biggest plus for me, is the favorable location in the Golden Gate Park where you can stroll around and take in the atmosphere.

California Academy of Sciences

The planetarium show is spectacular!

OK, so how do I put this? Have you been to an immersive screening of the history of the universe? If the idea intrigues you only a tiny little bit, then do go! It is completely and utterly mind blowing! As though you've piggybacked God himself through time and space through a visual and conceptual roller coaster of a ride that will blow you away and leave you inspired and intrigued by just how incredibly rich and complex our entire existence is in light of how insanely small we are. You get the picture right? Please, do yourself a favor and go.

There's much more to see - jellyfish, sharks and so on - but the planetarium stole the show for me as you've probably noticed...

Asian Art Museum

Located in the Civic Center, the location and building itself make the visit worthwhile in itself. The collection from Japan, China, Asia and South East Asia, is fascinating and beautiful. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed the museum and can mention that the adjoining cafe is also rather good.

And now for something different...

Lina Rincon, my wife from the film that this site is dedicated to..., has her paintings shown at a cool gallery in San Francisco called 941 Geary on, run by Justin Giarla. Around the corner you will also find The Shooting Gallery and White Walls, also owned by Justin. Very cool and hip - different vibe from the “official” San Francisco museums mentioned above and in a much more, shall we say “urban” setting?

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Film Reviews

Sandy W. Coleman from California

“What a film. You captured the essence of our past lives as we move forward on our path. Who are we? A collection of our past, current experiences and dreams. Thank you.”

Hiro Narita (ASC - American Society of Cinematographers)

“Dear Lina demonstrates his understanding of cultures beyond borders in cinematic language that implicitly expresses human emotions.”

Anthony Romero of DaCast

“I must say that I was blown away by the cinematography and use of colors through out. So as a film buff, kudos for making a stellar product.”