OSLO / MEDELLIN Finn E. Bugge's next film - this time he turns the camera on himself.

OSLO / MEDELLIN is in the making. The film is a personal essay film, and combines numerous strategies to form a cinematic self-portrait that continues the themes of belonging and home.

Here is a clip taken just after my son was born in Medellin, Colombia:


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Film Reviews

Sandy W. Coleman from California

“What a film. You captured the essence of our past lives as we move forward on our path. Who are we? A collection of our past, current experiences and dreams. Thank you.”

Hiro Narita (ASC - American Society of Cinematographers)

“Dear Lina demonstrates his understanding of cultures beyond borders in cinematic language that implicitly expresses human emotions.”

Anthony Romero of DaCast

“I must say that I was blown away by the cinematography and use of colors through out. So as a film buff, kudos for making a stellar product.”