DEAR LINA - A film by Finn E. Bugge

DEAR LINA is a poetic story about the life of Colombian, Lina Maria Rincon. Lina grew up in Medellin during the violent Escobar period. Driven by her passion for painting, she seeks to become an artist in USA. Lina's journey leads to meeting and marrying Norwegian filmmaker, Finn E. Bugge, who spent five years making this film about her.

The film embraces the subjective account of Lina, her childhood memories and longing for friends and family back home as she is constantly forced to deal with the bitter sweet reality of international life, moving between Colombia, USA and Norway.

Through its intimate and personal style, DEAR LINA ultimately reflects on themes of purpose, love and the meaning of home.


Film Reviews

Sandy W. Coleman from California

“What a film. You captured the essence of our past lives as we move forward on our path. Who are we? A collection of our past, current experiences and dreams. Thank you.”

Hiro Narita (ASC - American Society of Cinematographers)

“Dear Lina demonstrates his understanding of cultures beyond borders in cinematic language that implicitly expresses human emotions.”

Anthony Romero of DaCast

“I must say that I was blown away by the cinematography and use of colors through out. So as a film buff, kudos for making a stellar product.”